Am I still limited to Google’s daily download limit?

Yes. Google limits the amount of data you can download per 24 hours. The value is around 10tb daily.

Can I use this for Team Drives or Shared Drives?

Yes. But you can only choose one. Either your personal Google Drive or one Team Drive.

Are there actual links inside the .strm files?

Yes. Unlike existing plugins you may have tried, these strm files contain a full https link in them. In some cases this can be used play your video files straight from Google Drive and bypass needing to download the file to your local server and then re-upload it to the client device.

How do I download the .strm files?

They can be individually downloaded manually via the unique

link you are provided or with wget.

Can I use wget?

Yes you can use wget. We put the recomended wget code to use on the WGET page.

Know your hardware and software limitations

Just because a media server software supports .strm files doesn’t

mean it’s going to function exactly how you want. Research

how strms work with your software & hardware(client + server) combo.

Will I hit the Google API Limit?

No you will not hit any API limit. However as mentioned above you

are still susceptible to Google’s daily download limit.

Can I move around or rename files and folders within Google Drive?

Yes, you can but the strm files you previously downloaded

will no longer work and you will need to redownload only those strm

files which have been effected by the changes you made.

If I add or remove content from Google Drive,

will those changes be made to the Open Directory link?

Yes, any changes you make to Google Drive will automatically be made

to the Open Directory we provided you.

Can the Open Directory link be mounted?

No. Unfortunately this type of open directory cannot be mounted

or used in Kodi’s file manager. The sole purpose is to create strm files which work.